BlueZebra enhanced e-mail
purchase gateway

Due to SPAMmer activities we are no longer offering Professional e-mail services to the general public. If you are an existing client or known to one of our existing clients please write us at
Existing clients wishing to pay for continued service may write us for specific links to payment portals.

BlueZebra is now offering an enhanced e-mail package to all current and former BlueZebra clients. The new BlueZebra mail server features triple redundant backbone with all security in the firewalls for VERY fast e-mail upload and download.

The mail server also features SPAMAssasin, server based anti-SPAM engine, anti-Trojan, anti-Worm engines which are auto-updated constantly, on server.

Additional we are providing both “NeoMail” and “Horde Mail” web based e-mail access interfaces to aid any and everyone when traveling with Worldwide access.

Finally we are also giving 30MB of storage for family group e-mail accounts versus only 1MB for free e-mail accounts.

Horde Mail is my personal favorite with it’s import/export features, ability to keep not only an address book but also an online calendar, tasks and memos. You can back all this up by simply exporting and downloading the data. Horde Mail also includes blocklist support, ability to add special folders and lots of options.

NeoMail is nice if you just want to keep it simple with lots of room to read your messages due to extra small buttons and just the basic functions. NeoMail feels a little more like a Windows mail interface so many feel right at home. No import/export functions with NeoMail though so it’s for casual mail viewing. Keep in mind you can’t backup your mail and address book in NeoMail and we don’t do it for you.

SquirrelMail is great because it allows you to check your e-mail from public and school libraries plus companies and corporations that don’t allow “other port packet traffic”. SquirrelMail is a basic Port 80 (std. Web page access port) compliant e-mail browser so it works where others simply won’t.

Keep in mind that mail stored in the base folders (inbox, trash etc.) are viewable in all 3 of the Web Mail interfaces but only Horde Mail has the ability to backup via import/export. Be sure to export your address book at the very least regularly!

As a final note, we all hate SPAM so SPAMming from our server is absolutely not allowed and produces instant termination of account without refund.

Free e-mail based tech support is also available for paying e-mail accounts to which come directly to Sheridan.

Please see the e-mail support page for more information and FAQ on the new BlueZebra mail system.

Thanks so much and enjoy among the best e-mail systems available.